Latin Mass


Mon 28th Sept
St Wenceslaus

Tues 29th Sept
Michaelmas; St. Michael the Archangel

Friday 2nd Oct
Holy Guardian Angels

Sat 3rd Oct
St Therese of the Infant Jesus.


Sunday 4th Oct        
08.30am celebrated by Archbishop Emeritus B Hickey        

Wednesday 7th Oct     
09.00am Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.


Caritas Small Change Disaster Relief Fund
Please help by giving any loose change donations. Collection box inside our Chapel entrance. The loose change Disaster Relief fund total as at 26th Sept, is again back to $9.00

This loose change collection enables parishioners to informally contribute to everyday disasters where they may not be able to contribute in a more formal way; 5c upward will be most welcome.         

$200 has now been sent to Caritas Australia following healthy donations last week-end; the latest $100 donation was sent to be focused on the children in crisis in the middle east.

Morning Tea follows Holy Mass
Every 2nd Sunday of the month in the Church Hall. Everybody is welcome.

Rosary Beads
“The Family that prays together stays together” A small quantity of good quality Rosary beads at affordable prices ($7.50-$10) is available in our Chapel foyer after the 8.30am Holy Mass and before the 10.00 am Holy Mass. 

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary. 

Good Shepherd,
Sep 20, 2015, 4:25 AM
Good Shepherd,
Sep 20, 2015, 4:24 AM